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US Soldier Desert Spec Ops-74 by Nemesis-19 US Soldier Desert Spec Ops-74 by Nemesis-19
This is United States Soldier Stock primarily with arid or desert type environments in mind. This is more along the lines of what could be considered Special Forces due to the more casual uniform and attire.

Most equipment is authentic US military issue. The weapon is an off the shelf Airsoft with a little touch of spray paint to get that “desert camo” effect.

Stock suggestions: When using this stock in manipulations, really look at your lighting and try to create “real” lighting on this image. This was shot indoors so you might want to add proper shadowing if using an outdoor background. And since the weapon is actually a toy, you might want to look closely at it and make it more realistic. For example, there are a lot of screw holes that aren’t on the real weapon. You might want to fix those.

Please credit me and contact me when you have used my stock and give me a link to the artwork. I must be contacted before any of my images are used for commercial use. Thank you.
RPlante7 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011   Traditional Artist
He has one of the two finest pistols in the world! Hell yes!!! The H&K USP tactical!! however the MK 23 USSOCOM is the one you can stake our life on 100%!! People complained the MK23 was too big(even though it was develpoed to be a primary), thats why they made the USP. USP though smaller, also lacks the accuracy and range of the MK23. For it's size is what helped give its un-parralled stats. H&K knew what they we're doing when they developed it specifically for the US SOCOM! Comon, 30k service life, and all you have to do it replace the O ring? Maybe a firing pin here n there? Awesome if you ask me. Even though I have to use a USP Tac because my hands arn't big enough- lol :)

Awesome photos and stances! Very excellant photo-ism.
omerfarukciftci Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
is the knife placed in correct rotation?
Nemesis-19 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Professional General Artist
For me, yes it is. It is in position to be pulled with the non-trigger hand and immediately in a fighting grip position. The reach would be a backward reach with the bottom of the hand coming up to meet the handle at the "hilt", then pulled down and out for use.
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September 27, 2010
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